Nuxeo Showcase - Layout Service (forms, views, and actions)

Rest document link

Widget displaying a restful document link for an action (typically a tab link).

Configured by default to avoid adding a form around the link if not ajaxified, and to support ajax actions.

Label label The action label.
icon icon The action icon path. Example: "/icons/contextual_menu/share.png".
Ajax support ajaxSupport Boolean stating if the action supports ajax. Mandatory for this action to be ajaxified when caller asks for an ajax form to be used. Default value depends on the action type policy.
Onclick onclick Javascript code to call when clicking on the action.
Target target The action target, for instance "_blank".
Confirm confirm Javascript confirmation code, called when clicking on the action.
Confirm message confirmMessage Alternative to the "confirm" property, only stating the confirmation message, that can be a message to translate.
Confirm message arguments confirmMessageArgs Confirm message arguments, referenced by the confirm message translation in files.
View view Specific view to use for the rest document link. Available since 6.0.
Pattern pattern Specific pattern to use for the rest document link. Available since 6.0.