Nuxeo Showcase - Layout Service (forms, views, and actions)

Title with link


This widget type displays a link to navigate to a document, as well as a download link for the document binary content.

It requires the following fields configuration:

  • first field maps the document model, it will be used to display the document link and its title
  • second field maps the unique id to be used for contextual menu (e.g. the document model id)
  • third field maps the displayed link title (can be the document model description)
  • fourth field maps the document model file to be used for download link
  • fifth field maps the file name to be used for download link (can be the document model file name property value)

It also requires the following properties configuration:

  • file_schema: the file schema name, used to check whether download link should be displayed (e.g: file)
  • file_property_name: the file property name (e.g file:content)

View Mode
Title with link widget