Nuxeo Showcase - Layout Service (forms, views, and actions)


Type actions
Title Actions

This widget displays actions.

It needs the list of actions as property "actions".
Its bound value is used for actions with type "widget".

Available Since Version 5.6
Accepting Sub Widgets
Handling Labels
Containing Form
Handler Class org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.forms.layout.facelets.plugins.TemplateWidgetTypeHandler
Properties {template=/widgets/actions/actions_widget_template.xhtml}
Categories hidden
Actions actions The list of actions to display.
Actions Display actionsDisplay If set to 'buttons', actions will be displayed as command buttons. If set to 'links', actions will be displayed as command links. If set to 'icons', actions will be displayed as icons. Else (default behaviour), actions will be displayed as command links and display their icons when defined.
Overall display overallDisplay Overall display of actions.
Maximum number of actions maxActionsNumber Integer indicating the maximum number of actions to display. When this limit is reached, other actions are displayed in a menu.
Style class styleClass Style class for the global container div.
Label for the "more" menu moreMenuLabel
Add form addForm If set to true, actions will be surrounded by a form, so there should be no other surrounding form. This property is useful when fancybox actions need to open a popup in another form. Available since 5.7, defaults to false.
Use ajax actions useAjaxForm If set to true, actions will be performed using ajax. Note that sometimes, selection actions will require you to reload the whole page for other elements than the content view to be re-rendered, so using ajax will not be user friendly in these cases. Available from 5.7, defaults to false.
Ajax reRender ajaxReRender Ajax rerender ids, separated by commas.