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Type complex
Title Complex

The complex widget displays its sub widgets, and is controlling of a map-like. Each of the map items rendering is done through sub widgets configuration.

Since 5.6, it will apply to the current value (e.g. the layout or parent widget value) if no field definition is given.

Available Since Version 5.4.2
Accepting Sub Widgets
Handling Labels
Containing Form
Handler Class org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.forms.layout.facelets.plugins.TemplateWidgetTypeHandler
Properties {template=/widgets/complex_widget_template.xhtml}
Categories document
Display display The display attribute controls the rendering of subwidgets. Available since 5.4.2.
Hide subwidgets labels hideSubLabels This attribute controls the rendering of subwidgets labels. Available since 5.4.2.
Style class styleClass