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Type container
Title Container

The container widget displays its subwidgets with display options to control the rendering of global div container as well as each container of sub items, using the widget label as header.

If the widget is marked as handling labels (marker available on all widgets since 5.6), the header will be displayed. Otherwise it will never be displayed.

On version 5.6 (only this version), this widget also accepts custom properties to add forms around some of its subwidgets. If the property with name "nxw_addForm_#{widgetIndex}" is present and resolves to true, then a form will be added around the subwidgets at index #{widgetIndex}. For instance, adding a property "nxw_addForm_0" with value true, the first subwidget will be surrounded with a form.

From version 5.7, subwidgets hold this information directly, by declaring a control with key "addForm" and value "true".

It will apply to the current value (e.g. the layout or parent widget value) if no field definition is given.

Available Since Version 5.6
Accepting Sub Widgets
Handling Labels
Containing Form
Supported Controls
Handler Class org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.forms.layout.facelets.plugins.TemplateWidgetTypeHandler
Properties {template=/widgets/container_widget_template.xhtml}
Categories decoration
Display display The display attribute controls the rendering of subwidgets.
Hide subwidgets labels hideSubLabels This attribute controls the rendering of subwidgets labels.
Foldable foldable If set to true, the widget label will be displayed in a header of a box, containing the sub widgets rendering. This box is foldable in javascript. Ignored if the widget is not marked as handling labels as the header will not be displayed in this case. If label is empty, a default label will be shown. Defaults to false.
Folded by default foldedByDefault If set to true, and property "foldable" is also set to true, the box will be folded by default. Defaults to false.
Header style class headerStyleClass Style class for the header, displaying this widget label.
Style class styleClass Style class for the global container div.
Sub Label style class subLabelStyleClass Style class for the sub widget label.
Sub style class subStyleClass Style class for the container of each sub widget.
Show if empty showIfEmpty If set to true, the widget label will be displayed even if there are no subwidgets. Defaults to false.
Tip tip Label to display on top of the container widget content, that will be translated if the widget is translated. Available since 5.7.3.