Nuxeo Showcase - Layout Service (forms, views, and actions)


Type layout
Title Layout

The layout widget renders a layout.

Widgets using this type can provide properties accepted on a <nxl:layout /> tag in all modes.

Since 5.6, it will apply to the current value (e.g. the layout or parent widget value) if no field definition is given.

Available Since Version 5.4.0
Accepting Sub Widgets
Handling Labels
Containing Form
Handler Class org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.forms.layout.facelets.plugins.LayoutWidgetTypeHandler
Categories dev
Layout(s) name The layout name. Since 5.6, this attribute accepts a list of multiple layout names, separated by commas.
Layout mode mode If not set, the mode is resolved from the usual widget mode. Otherwise it's taken instead when not empty. WARNING: Before 5.5, mode was not resolved from the widget mode, so this value was required.
Widgets Display widgetsDisplay The display attribute controls the rendering of widgets.