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Type list
Title List

The list widget displays an editable list of items in create or edit mode, with additional message tag for errors, and the same list of items in other modes. It is not usable within a list widget (see sublist widget for this feature).

Items are defined using sub wigdets configuration.

This is actually a template widget type whose template uses a <nxu:inputList /> tag in edit or create mode, and a table iterating over items in other modes.

Since 5.6, it will apply to the current value (e.g. the layout or parent widget value) if no field definition is given.

Accepting Sub Widgets
Handling Labels
Containing Form
Handler Class org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.forms.layout.facelets.plugins.ListWidgetTypeHandler
Properties {template=/widgets/js_list_widget_template.xhtml, compatTemplate=/widgets/list_widget_template.xhtml}
Categories document
Display display The display attribute controls the rendering of subwidgets. Available since 5.4.2.
Hide subwidgets labels hideSubLabels This attribute controls the rendering of subwidgets labels. Available since 5.4.2.
Style class styleClass
Required required
Diff diff
Orderable orderable This attribute controls the possibility to order the items. Available since 5.5.
Hide delete button hideDeleteButton This attribute controls the possibility to remove the 'delete' button for each list item. Available since 5.6.
Hide add button hideAddButton This attribute controls the possibility to remove the 'add' button to add an item to the list. Available since 5.6.
List template item listTemplateItem This attribute enables to control the template for each item that needs to be added to the list. In most common cases, this value is deduced from the field definition, using the expression: #{nxd:propertyDefaultValue(widget.fieldDefinitions[0].propertyName)}. This needs to be adapted for subwidgets (when handling lists of lists for instance) or when using this widget on another object that a DocumentModel property. For instance, for a subwidget, you can use: #{nxd:propertyDefaultValue('mySchema:listOfLists/stringListItem')}. Available since 5.6.
Remove empty item(s) removeEmpty This boolean attribute allows to remove null items from the list on edit. Items are only removed when there are changes to the list items. Available since 7.3.
Number of open item(s) number This integer attribute allows to set the number of new items that should be opened when displaying the list widget. Available since 7.3.
'Add' action label addLabel This string attribute allows to configure the label used for the 'add' action on the list widget. It is translated if the widget is marked as translated. Available since 7.3.