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Multiple directory aggregate checkbox

Type selectManyCheckboxDirectoryAggregate
Title Directory Checkbox
Description A widget to display aggregate result with checkboxes. The display label is resolved from a given directory.
Available Since Version 6.0
Accepting Sub Widgets
Handling Labels
Containing Form
Handler Class org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.contentview.jsf.facelets.plugins.SelectManyCheckboxDirectoryAggregateWidgetTypeHandler
Categories aggregates,aggregates_terms
Vocabulary directoryName
Select Options selectOptions The select options binding.
Required required
Layout layout Default value: pageDirection The select layout binding.
Localize localize Activate localization of vocabulary labels. Labels are translated as usual picking values in messages*.properties files. Database localization should also be activated if localized labels are provided by the vocabulary itself.
Activate database localization dbl10n Activate retrieval of localized labels in the vocabulary database, when translations are held by the directory itself, in fields with a label_[lang] pattern, and defaulting to label_en. Available since 6.0.
Display id and label displayIdAndLabel
Do not display the default option notDisplayDefaultOption Default value: true True if there should not be displayed a "Please select a value" option
Style style
Style class styleClass